• James Hewlett

It's Sunday (Apparently)

I don’t really feel like writing too much tonight, famous last words, you watch I’ll bloody write war & peace probably.

I feel like I’ve not done a whole lot today, until I start looking back at exactly what I’ve done. If I made a list it I actually feels like I’ve done plenty! I’d say especially for a Sunday, but really what even are days anymore? They have zero impact on my life… that’s a weird thought, I’m filing that one away I might be able to do something with that.

Alright, the hedgehog who hangs out on my patio at ten thirty every night just peaced out so I’ll stop being distracted and get back to talking about my day.

I knew I wasn’t doing anything today and would very likely not be leaving the house. Hah, remember when doing that made you lazy? Now doing that makes you a god damn responsible person. Oh, how the tables have turned.

Anyway, because yesterday I broke my habit of getting up and working out I found it difficult to self motivate most of the day, so today I tricked myself. I made out like I was getting up and going and doing something so as soon as I woke up I got out of bed and got a full work out in, including yoga. It was a good way to start the day and burning more calories before eleven in the morning than I did before eleven at night yesterday made me feel great.

I’ve been playing through the Gears 5 campaign this week and thoroughly enjoying it! So when I finished my exercise I felt like I’d earned some video game time. I did that for a bit but as I was playing I was keeping an eye on it getting nicer and nicer outside too. I didn’t want to waste the good weather and as I had sprayed down the weeds the other day I knew they would be easy to rip out. So I put my headphones in, lined up the few podcasts I had yet to get to and got to work.

I have now completely de-weeded my patio, path, area around my decking and the back area by the shed.

I did a little trimming of the bushes either side of my double doors too, just to give myself a bit more space on my patio.

It may not look too different to anyone else, but as I see it every day I notice a big difference and am really proud of how it all looks now. If this fucking virus would dissipate that would be just swell, I’d love to get people over for a proper barbecue or three this summer. Especially now as I won’t be in Texas in July.

After having a bit of lunch and renewing my house insurance I played a fair bit more of Gears, getting to a point where I had only the last mission left to complete.

I’ve found myself doing this a few times this week; I’ll go into the kitchen for something simple, like getting a drink, and I’ll end up cleaning something or other out that I’ve been meaning to for ages.

The other day it was getting rid of a bunch of crap out of my fridge. Sealed stuff that’s been in there for a long time that I just haven’t thrown out. They left my fridge looking, not bare, but a lot more manageable. So today when I went in to put the oven on to cook some dinner I ended up taking everything out and giving all the shelves a good scrubbing. It looks nearly new now!

While I was at it I also chucked out a ton of old herbs and spices, things I only use once in a blue moon and if I ever needed for a recipe I would want to buy a new one of anyway. Left left my sides in a similar situation to the fridge so they got a good cleaning too. I swear, my kitchen hasn’t looked this good in years!

This evening I thought, “Yeah let’s finish off Gears, there can’t be much left.”

There may have only been one mission, but it was a doozy and took me a good couple of hours!

The time flew by though as I was having such a blast. That game, hell that series, is super over the top and at times cheesy as hell, but it knows exactly what it is and doesn’t try to be anything else. It embraces its muscle bound gun touting, curb stomping, chainsaw wielding ways and has a lot of cinematic fun in the process. I always find myself surprised at how much I enjoy the stories and universe of the Gears games as I never think of it as one of those franchises I really love, but I’ve enjoyed the hell out of every one I’ve played. Maybe it’s time I finally go back and do the third game.

Well, for a post that I did t have a lot to say and didn’t really feel like writing, I think I’ve rambled on

plenty there! I’ll see you tomorrow for another day. I believe they used to refer to it as “Monday.”

Before the dark times… before the Empire Coronavirus.

©2017 by James Hewlett.