• James Hewlett

It’s Wednesday My Dudes

I was hoping by car would be sorted by today but they weren’t able to get to it early as the garage has been busy and then it got around to this afternoon and I though, I’ll just give them a call see if that have an ETA for me and it turns out a part they need, a flange (that’s fun to say) was out of stock at the supplier so it’s now more likely to be tomorrow, possibly even Friday.

So that sucks!

It stayed nice out and everything today, I was kind of looking forward to walking, maybe skateboarding down to Totton to pick it up but I couldn’t. So I walked to the local shop instead and had a consolation ice cream.

I’ve been playing a bunch of Hitman 2 today. Those games are such good fun, just big maps with thousands of ways of approaching the task at hand, many of them are creative, silly and tongue in cheek. It’s a game that very much knows what it is and goofs around with it.

It’s the kind of sandbox I like to play in.

Not a lot else to report today. Oh, I finally was able to get an appointment at the Apple store, so hopefully next Wednesday or soon after my laptop will be fully functional again and I can stop doing this on my phone.


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