• James Hewlett

Just For Fun

I’ve got to learn to stop trying to turn everything I do for fun into a project, content or something more. I’ve done it for years and it inevitably never works out and only leads to me getting frustrated.

It’s not an innately bad thing, I think it shows that I have a constant driving desire do make fun and creative content, but it is also really nice to just dick around and have a laugh with friends without doing that too.

The biggest problem I have is that it’s always self inflicted. It’s always me that wants to do the thing and there for I put that extra pressure on myself. If someone else was running it or it was their idea and I was just a part of it, a contributor, I think I’d be super happy.

That goes back to my thing about being the best supporting actor. The Oscars were last night so this analogy is timely. I wouldn’t want to win Best Actor, I think there’s a lot more value in Best Supporting. I’d rather be that guy off to the side, the special sauce that makes something good great.

Maybe that’s just where I’m at at this stage of my life, maybe it comes from growing up the younger brother to two siblings who always strived for being the absolute centre of everything and, credit where credits due, generally thrived when they were. But that’s not me. I may do that sometimes, but it’s usually only out of necessity because no one else is when in actual fact I’d much rather be just to the side.

This has only popped into my head because of course, after playing games with my friends a couple of times my mind starts churning at what possible fun projects we could do with that. But I’m not going to pursue it. I’ll help organise game nights and fun times, and if anyone wants to make it more than that I’ll help and participate gladly, but I’m not going to take the lead on it. And I’m writing this for myself more than anyone so I have something to refer to when I have more ideas down the line!

James, shut up and listen. It’s okay to just do things for fun!


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