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Keep Moving Forward

I had a couple of new tattoos added today. It was originally going to be three but one of them needs to be reworked in order to look it’s best so I just stuck to the two.

It’s really nice having a tattooist you’re friends with and isn’t just trying to earn as much as possible. I could have gone somewhere else and they’d have done the third piece and it may have ended up looking good, but there’s a chance it could have been shit and my tattooist didn’t want to take that chance. I appreciate that!

I’m super happy with the two I got though. Both are on my right arm, all three would have been in fact. On my inner upper arm I had Kim Pine from the Scott Pilgrim series added, this sits nicely around from my other SP tattoo and is starting to form a nice cohesion I look forward to adding too with a couple more characters and smaller things related to the comics to fill in the gaps.

The other is these arrows with the quote, ‘Keep Moving Forward’ through the centre. You probably see that and think, fair play James, seems like a good statement for how your year has gone. In actual fact, this is a tattoo I’ve wanted for a while now. The arrows were inspired by another tattoo I saw a while ago and not only looked good but fit the quote nicely. I asked my tattooist to draw up some ideas and this was my favourite.

The quote itself, for however simple it is, is special to me. It’s one of the last quotes made in camera by Monty Oum. Monty was the first full time animator hired by Rooster Teeth and could be credited for much of the expansion the production company took on in the years since.

Monty was always a very quite, driven, ridiculously talented and motivated worker who was also wickedly funny when he chimed in. He’s most famous for creating the series RWBY for Rooster Teeth, a show I enjoy but was never a favourite, but I was always a big fan of the man.

Unfortunately, a few years ago he was taken ill and rushed to hospital where he died shortly later. It was a freak disease and shook everyone in the company and greater community. He was 33, had been married for less than a year, was finishing up the latest season of his show and beginning work on a brand new project while overseeing the resting of an entire animation department.

It messed me up.

I’ve never been affected by the death of someone I didn’t know personally before. The closest before that was Ryan Dunn, but that was less of a surprise and as much of a fan of his I was, Monty was just one of those people you knew had so much more to give to the world.

He was, and still is, a huge inspiration.

Not because I want to be an animator, but in his attitude and ambition. I still get choked up thinking about it, so getting a tattoo of a quote he said with a completely different context than it since took on felt like a nice way of honouring him.

The fact that I also took it on as a more person mantra this year too is just a bonus.

I’ve got plans for more art I would like to get, but this one felt very special to me.

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