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Keeping My Chin Up

I don’t have a whole lot to talk about today. For the second week in a row I’ve been watching football on one screen while playing Squadrons and chatting with Ed on my tv and it’s been really fun.

It’s felt very much like a day of getting myself all together, the house is tidy all my laundry is done everything is washed up. Boring life admin stuff.

I split my workout in two today too. Instead of going straight from one onto the other I did all my weights and core work out stuff this morning and my half an hour on the bike later on this afternoon. It felt good to split it up, though I probably won’t make a habit of it as it’s not often I have the time to.

I bought an chin up bar recently to add to my growing exercise equipment. It’s a simple one that hooks onto a doorframe. The only downside I thought I had with it at first was that the only doorframe it fit over and felt strong enough for it was the kitchen door. I was using it for its other uses as a grown work out for a little while but have had it up and been using it for its primary function for about a week now.

I think having to have it where it is has been a blessing in disguise. I find myself just doing a few chin ups spontaneously if I’m walking past quite regularly and it also allows me to set up my phone on the kitchen counter for some gratuitous workout pictures or video which, for no other reason than I can look back at, are surprisingly helpful for checking my form and seeing the progress I’m making. It’s really quite motivating.

Anyway, that’s enough talk about that. I’ve got an early start tomorrow and likely a lot of pointless driving to do so, yeah, come back tomorrow to read all about that I guess!


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