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Last Minute Plans

Today has been one of those really good days that just came together without much planning or organising, just things falling into place. As I mentioned yesterday I was initially meant to be arriving in New York this morning, but when those plans changed I was left without anything going on today. I was chatting to my friend the other night though and she was looking to fill a tattoo appointment this morning and offered it to me. We already knew which bit of my Scott Pilgrim arm was going on next so I snapped it up and headed there after an abbreviated work out first thing.

I love how this arm is coming together, there are a couple of spots left to fill with bigger character pieces, well, one bigger one and a midsize area between a couple of the others. Then it’ll just be a matter of filling in the spaces with the small bits I’ve pulled and other iconography from the books.

While I was getting to Portsmouth this morning I dropped my friend Jamie a message too, we usually only get to hang out when we have fantasy football related meet ups, but when we do get together outside of that it’s always nice. I know he works from home sometimes so on the off chance I wanted to see if he was about. Turns out my timing was spot on and it was his day this week not in the office so once I was done with getting tattooed we went and grabbed some lunch and had a catch up.

So the one day this week where I didn’t have any set plans turned into a day I actually ended up doing a couple of really cool things relatively last minute.

I had a nice chilled out afternoon, finishing up my exercise for the day, having a good soak in the tub while keeping my arm out of the water, cooked some chickidy china the Chinese chicken for dinner and then I decided to head to the bar to write this and anything thing else I feel inspired to write because I knew if I stayed in I would just end up playing Fallen Order and then writing this in bed again. I didn’t want to do that.

I’m not entirely sure what is going on tomorrow yet. Theres a few potential plans that may or may not happen, but what ever happens or doesn’t it should be a good day.

I hope your week has been good so far. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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