• James Hewlett

Late Post With Little To Add

Erm, yeah this is is going up late because I couldn’t think of anything to write.

I still can’t, but I don’t want to let it get behind. Consistency is key, even if the content is crappy.

I’ve been playing the new Ghost Recon game, it’s pretty good. So far it hasn’t grabbed me as much as Wildlands did, I kind of miss having a squad to order around all the time, but that’s mostly because I don’t tend to play games with groups of friends. It is enjoyable though, stealthy, snipey kinds of shooters are the ones I tend to favour so this series has always worked for me.

Right, well, it’s actually tomorrow already based on when this post is dated, it’s only nine in the evening but I’m in bed already and I’ve still got another post to write so...


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