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Late Thanksgiving/Early Xmas

I had a really nice dinner this evening with some of my favourite people. My mum very kindly bought me a bunch of stuff last week including a big’ol gammon so first thing this morning, before work, I popped that bad boy in my slow cooker along with a few other ingredients I prepped yesterday and set it low.

By the time I got home and had worked out it was cooked beautifully and just needed finishing off in the oven when I got to my friends along with the roasties that were already cooking.

It seemed to go down a treat and was a really enjoyable evening.

I’ve got at least half of it still left over too so will be munching on that for a while! It almost had a pulled pork type tear to it due to it being so tender after a low and slow cook so I think I might get some buns and make some nice sandwiches.

I have actually also restarted my hello fresh subscription for the time being too, I’ve got three delicious meals to cook this week. I’ve just got find the time! Hopefully near the end of the week and into the weekend that’ll be a bit easier.

Hasta mañana.


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