• James Hewlett

Laying In

I had a proper lie in today for the first time in god knows how long. I had no reason to get up early, nothing planned until later on and no silly self imposed internal guilt about getting up and working out because I am taking it easy today and only doing the exercise bike in order to not over exert my freshly tattooed arm.

Obviously my body clock tried to wake me up at seven in the morning but I was able to ignore that and get another hour and change of solid sleep in before I woke up again. This time I didn’t fight it but I stayed in bed and read some comics and played on my phone for a bit.

It was much needed I think. When I did eventually get up and going I felt ready for the day and have had a pretty good one. Back to work tomorrow and back to regular full week. No more furlough days, just Thursday not working so I can go to college. My transfer was meant to be tomorrow but it’s been pushed by a week so far. Fingers crossed that happens again a few times as it’ll give me more time to keep looking elsewhere!


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