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License To... Secure

I mentioned at the start of the week that I was on a training course this week, well that wrapped up this afternoon.

I had three exams to sit, two forty question ones with an hour time limit and one twenty question with a half hour limit.

The process for taking them was interesting, I needed to share my screen, run my webcam and also have my phone set up streaming me externally too after showing the room and proving I wasn’t in a position to cheat.

Despite having two and a half hours to complete the three exams I was done and confident with my answers after an hour.

I only missed one question on each exam and the passing grade was only about 68% or something so there wasn’t any concern.

A lot of it was obvious stuff, common sense, and just focusing on reading the question. The rest was mostly stuff I know from working in security for the last six years.

But yeah, I am now a dual SIA license holder. That’s not all though, I spoke to my new manager yesterday and he’s got three more training courses to send me on in the coming weeks and months. I’m going to be super qualified to do all sorts of stuff soon. It’s kind of cool.

Now I’m just chilling and waiting to find out where I’m going to be assigned first. It’s possible that I’ll be not working at all next week while getting paid in full. Certainly not going to turn my nose up at that!


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