• James Hewlett

Life Day

Yesterday evening I watched the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special with a friend and her kids.

I genuinely am unsure as to who enjoyed it more, us or the kids, but everyone had a blast with it.

I’ve not watched any of the Lego Star Wars ‘Freemaker’ shorts that were made for a little while but I heard they were very silly and fun. I was a fan of the Lego movies though as well as the video games based on various properties that I’ve played bits of. This special definitely is made with that same style of silliness in mind and, like Lego itself, is enjoyable for all ages with everyone getting a little something different out of it.

Plot wise the framing story actually picks up after The Rise Of Skywalker but quickly jumps around the entire saga, including a brief little cameo from The Mandalorian. It’s a cleaver way of making sure fans of all eras and characters are satisfied.

The voice cast is great too, there’s a few original actors returning as they usually do; Golden Tony and Billy Dee are always game, and a couple of the cast from the sequel trilogy come back too, notably Kelly Marie Tran. I couldn’t tell if Mark Hamil reprised Luke as I believe the role was uncredited, but knowing him and not just his love of the franchise but his excellent voice work I wouldn’t be surprised. I was however, surprised to learn it wasn’t Daisy Ridley playing Rey as the performer there did an amazing job replicating her voice and cadence.

A lot of the animated series cast like James Arnold Taylor and Dee Bradley Baker played the roles they’ve kind of made their own and it was fun seeing some of the interactions they got to have.

The humour worked for me on multiple levels too. There’s the slapstick broad comedy that keeps kids giggling but then there is a ton of referential Star Wars jokes too, some obvious and some really quite deep cuts for the mega nerds.

The fact that it exists in itself is a joke too. The original Star Wars Holiday Special was always held up as this absolute abomination and buried by Lucasfilm, at the specific order of George himself, for ever. This special riffs off of it though with ‘life day’ and visiting Chewie’s family once again acting as the basic set up.

I have a feeling this one won’t be as divisive as the one featuring the first appearance of Boba Fett, muppets, Bea Arthur and a Carrie Fisher who was so high she could have used the Death Star as a tree ornament.

If you want a bit of silly fun for forty five minutes or so, you can’t go wrong with the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special on Disney+

Happy Life Day.


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