• James Hewlett

Life is Strange 2 - Beginning of the End

The final episode of Life Is Strange 2 dropped last week and this evening is the first opportunity I’ve had to sit and play it.

I could plough through and do the whole thing in one sitting but I don’t like to do that with this game. I’ve found I enjoy it a lot more if I take the time to enjoy and absorb the story in a few separate chunks.

It isn’t an action packed game by any means, I’d even go so far as saying it is a slower paced game than the original. In that one you played as the character with an ability and that intrinsically meant you had a lot of control over what was going on in the world. In the sequel you play as the older brother to the character with a power. You’re there to be a mentor, a role model and sometimes just an observer.

This is a game about brotherhood, family, friendship, hardship and finding your place in the world. I don’t think anything could top the emotional weight of the original but I have come to find I care a lot about the Diaz brothers in this game and I’m looking forward to seeing, and participating, in how their story wraps up.

I’ll probably check back in when I finish it.

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