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Life is Strange 2 Episode 4: Faith

That's a mouthful of a title for a video game!

I played through most of the latest episode of Life Is Strange 2 this afternoon, getting caught up for the first time since December.

Maybe it is because I played a bit last night and then the rest of it all in one hit this afternoon instead of spreading it out for a while but this episode felt a lot shorter than the previous three.

It also felt like everything ramped you quite a bit too! I guess that makes sense with only one more to go.

This game has been very different from the original Life Is Strange, which I raved about last year. The story is less fantastical than the original and the focus is way more on the relationship between the two brothers who headline the game and the people they meet along their journey.

I’m not going to recap the whole thing, but there was one quote I bloody loved and had to pause the game to write down.

“That’s when you know someone is good to you. When you can shut the hell up and watch the universe do it’s thing.”

I’m looking forward to the finale coming in December.

Currently watching the Colts getting beat by the Raiders... it’s worrying. I was super proud of how I timed my work out to finish up exactly as the game was kicking off but for now at least I’m not liking what I’m seeing. This is also the last weekend of my month off drinking, but as I said the other day I think I’m going to continue it on when it comes to drinks at home. Good thing I’ve found a really nice alcohol free IPA!

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