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I don’t write about work much, not in any specifics anyway, there’s good reason for that and I’m not going to change the fact today, but I’m just on my break and wanted to get something written and the only thing half interesting I could think of is work related.

I’ve had a few jobs in town this afternoon for the first time in ages. Most of the time I’m miles away in at least the next city over in one direction or the other and often further than that. I like the variety and, while it’s not a change of scenery because they’re my usual areas now, getting out of town.

It’s been especially nice lately as, for the first time in the five a bit years I’ve been doing this, there has been a string of attacks on our guys locally.

Now, I’ve not been and am still not at all concerned personally, again for some very good reasons I won’t go into, it definitely raises an eyebrow.

So here a I am, taking my break before doing my last couple of jobs in town and I’m definitely being more observant of any motorcycles that drive past.

There’s nothing to actually be worried about, especially as I’ve already done the couple of jobs I had on in the areas where the attacks have happened, but it’s more a case or keeping an eye out for the scumbags responsible.

That’s all I’ve got for today. I had a bloody excellent day yesterday and am quite looking forward to chilling out this evening and possibly catching up with my friends via Xbox over some video game playing.

Hasta mañana.


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