• James Hewlett

Lockdown Reading

I love books, this isn’t new information. They are far an away the best value for money for any form of entertainment if you go on a per hour basis.

I normally get through quite a few books a year, mostly thanks to audible and the vast library of audiobooks I’ve built up. My job allows me the the time for that and it is one of, if not the main reason I enjoy it.

I’ve been on furlough since the start of April though and day one I paused my audible account; I knew I wasn’t going to listen to much while I was at home and even if I did, I’ve got plenty of books on there to get through without needing new ones.

I was dead right, I barely get through my podcasts each week and I think I’ve maybe listened to an hour or so of an audiobook in the two months or so I’ve been off.

I had been reading a lot more comics earlier this year too, but that entire industry pretty much got put on hold at the end of March and while it’s slowly starting back up again now I don’t read many series and new issues are few and far between.

I also had really not been in the right frame of mind to get stuck into a new novel until recently. I have to be able to commit my brain to something when I’m reading and with one thing after another happening in the world my my mind has been preoccupied even while my body hasn’t been.

That started to change this week, my furlough got extended again until the end of July and the new book I was planning on reading a physical copy of got pushed until later in the year so I started considering what to get next.

I was very tempted by some non fiction to further better myself and practice what I preach about diversifying the things I take in, but I’ve been doing so much reading elsewhere I decided I really just wanted some escapism and a good bit of fiction.

Sci-fi and fantasy are always my go to options and there are plenty of stories I know I’ll love so I went for one of each and picked up Altered Carbon and The Final Empire; both books are the first of series.

Altered Carbon has been adapted by Netflix and while I really enjoyed the aesthetics and feel of the first episode for some reason I never continued on. I will probably go back to it when I finish the book so I have a basis of comparison. I enjoy neo-noir, cyberpunk stories so this should be right up my alley.

The Final Empire is the first of the Mistborn series by massively acclaimed author Brandon Sanderson. People have been telling me to check out his books for about a decade and I keep meaning to, so that is next on my shelf too, though it’ll probably be a little while before I get there.

I’m glad to be out of the rut of not reading as much as I’d normally like... and I’ve just realised that as I’m writing this I believe there is some Star Wars publishing news happening so maybe there will be more added to my to-read list shortly too.

I’m going to go check that out then read in bed!

©2017 by James Hewlett.