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Look Good, Feel Good

Warning, super self-congratulatory post ahead.

I fucking love being happy enough about myself/body image to be out and about in a cutoff sleeveless t-shirt and shorts during a rare UK heatwave.

It’s a combination of a few factors that have got me here;

Almost two years of daily exercise got me into and maintaining a level of fitness I’m happy with. I may not be in my peak shape at the moment because of lockdown laziness but it’s marginal.

Having arms I’m pretty happy with. I’ve never wanted to have jacked arms like my brother has gone for, but some shape and definition is pretty cool.

Enough tattoos to show off. I can’t wait to start filling out both more when I’ve given blood and it’s safe to do so but I love what I’ve got so far.

A combination of plenty of nice weather and time to spend outside enjoying has given me the best tan of my life. It might not look like much, but it’s so much better than the ghostly white or red raw I normally am.

It’s a great feeling to look in a mirror before heading out to Asda and thinking, “I look pretty good today.”

I recommend finding something you like about yourself whenever you can.

Oh yeah, the largest ship to ever come into Southampton docks was in today so I wandered down to see it. Living only a couple of hundred yards at most from these things is pretty cool sometimes!


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