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Losening Up

I haven’t done any real amount of yoga since just before I got sick. That is about two months ago now. I had decided that now I’ve got the rest of my work out fully back up to where it was an even added more to it that it was about time to reintroduce yoga into the mix as well.

I just kept it easy, doing an intro session to see how it felt and boy am I glad I did! It turns out that no matter how much other stuff you are doing, taking two months off of yoga will really see you start to stiffen back up again. Simple poses that used to come naturally and be extremely easy to me were a lot more challenging and I could feel my muscles and joints really having to work to hold me upright.

I’m going to continue working through those introductory sessions again and then move through the different levels of difficulty afterwards. I think my aim will be to progress up a difficulty every week and a half or so until I’m back to where I was before, but I’m not going to over do it.

I definitely felt good for adding it back in and by the end of the rest of my work out this morning I was very ready for a sit down.

Ed messaged me to see if I fancied jumping online and playing a virtual tabletop version of a new card game he’s been super enjoying and I’m looking forward to checking out. It was a good way to learn the new game before playing with a physical copy myself soon.

This afternoon I baked myself a birthday cake for tomorrow. I hadn’t been able to find the particular Betty Crocker mix I’ve had and thoroughly enjoyed before but the chocolatey, fudgy one I went with, along with the massive amount of icing, certainly seems to have done the trick. I’m pretty sure this thing would give me diabetes if I am left to have it all to myself, but maybe if I parse it out over as long as possible I might survive. It’ll be nice to have a cake on my birthday for the first time since my thirtieth at least.

That’s it, that’s all the excitement today has bought. I normally have a plan for a fairly cool and personally reflective post for my birthday but this year I don’t. I guess you’ll have to come back tomorrow to see if I think of anything won’t you?


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