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Lost Season 2

I just finished watching season two of my full rewatch of Lost. I’ve been taking my time and not binging it too much, we didn’t have that luxury in 2005 and I find I’m enjoying it a whole lot more than I would of I just did it all in a few days.

This season might be the best of the entire run of the show. They had found their footing, opened up plenty of mysteries, made you fall in love with almost all of the ensemble cast and were progressing the story at a good pace. Time will tell if I feel otherwise but from what I remember of the next few seasons, some of which were marred by the writers strike and the network battling the creatives about how long they wanted to show to run means there is some less that stellar stuff ahead.

I have really fond memories of watching season two week to week then being deeply involved in the online communities that built up around the show. My brother and Maggie were big fans too but the person I spent the most time talking to about the show was my best friend Sam. We would go on and on for hours about it tearing each and every scene apart looking for clues and coming up with theories. It seems commonplace now and there is always at least one big tent pole show that seems to have people doing that but back in the mid two thousands that was brand new. It was the dawning of the golden age of television. The Sopranos had spearheaded it a few years earlier but it took a major network, genre show like Lost to bring it to the masses.

I feel like I said it when I talked about season one but it would be tricky introducing someone to Lost completely fresh at this point. We’ve moved on with our viewing habits and there wouldn’t be anything that someone hasn’t seen elsewhere, but it was bold and exciting then and if you watched it all those years ago, it absolutely holds up on rewatch.

I find myself not only enjoying it from a nostalgic view point though. I am also looking at it through a modern day lens and noticing things that were likely never intended at the time about many of the characters. Doing so is painting many of them in a very different light than I had originally seen them and I find myself gravitating towards different people to root for.

So even after all these years and at least many viewings, at least of these early seasons, I am still taking away something new from this show and that is great. Hats off to Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse and the rest of the creative minds behind the show.

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