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Moonball! [Exclamation] - The warning given before the throwing of a moonball against a wall and verbal contract of complete absolution of any subsequent consequence of what happens with the aforementioned ball upon the rebound.

So this is a dumb post, I actually had a dream last night that I wrote a sensible long form about the Moonball ‘phenomenon’ but all day today I’ve been trying to figure out a way that I could actually write that. It doesn’t exist. It’s so stupid but so fun. It really is one of those things that some people will see, get and love and others just won’t understand the appeal at all. A lot of the content that comes out of Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth is like that though.

A little history; the gaming channel Achievement Hunter, a subsidiary of Rooster Teeth, started getting sent all sorts of things from fans and would open many of them on one of their weekly shows. One of the items they got sent was a ‘moonball.’ You’ve seen these things, they’re often found at the checkout of any store that sells gift items. All it really is is a vaguely baseball sized bouncy ball with a cratered surface resulting in occasionally unpredictable bounces. They’re neigh on indestructible and unbelivably satisfying to throw around.

As they’re want to do in that office, the guys of AH soon came up with a ‘game’ with the increasing number of moonballs they were sent; you can hurl one at the green wall and are completely free of any consequence of the bounce. Many monitors, mixers, ceiling tiles, microphones have been broken over the years and more organised games of ‘flinchless moonydoo’ or ‘stealthball’ have provided at this point hours of hilarious content.

The channel started becoming so connected to the product that after a short while they actually started a partnership with Waboba, the manufacturer to have their own unique moonballs made for them.

The cries of “Moonball!” evolved over the years too from silly accents to multiple variations such as “Myattball,” “Bucketball” and sometimes barely understandable examples like “BleghBlaall.” What is yelled has become less important than the fact that something resembling the call is.

Naturally there are now at least a couple of Moonballs floating around my house as well as in a few friends and the rules apply. We’re obviously a little more careful as if something breaks at home it’s us that has to pay for it instead of a company, but it doesn’t make it less fun.

I really didn’t have anything to write about tonight so the fact that I’ve rambled on for this long about a fucking bouncy ball is pretty impressive. Go watch this video, this is where it all started…

Wow, I just watched that for the first time in a while... it has evolved a lot since then.


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