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Make You Feel Good, Make You Feel Good (Alright)

I’ve got loads of energy today, I can’t figure out why but I’ve literally just been bopping around my living room singing along and dancing to some records and loving it.

It might be because it’s my last shift until Tuesday evening tonight, it could be because a couple of the stocks I bought a while ago for a joke are spiking, maybe it’s the fact I had a couple of grams of sugar for the first time all week or it may just be the fact that because I’ve been eating super healthy and kicking my work outs ass every day I’m just feeling good right now?!

I don’t care what it is really, I’m just enjoying it.

I started making a few lists of posts I want to write, some based on open suggestions I took recently, some just ideas I’ve had. I was thinking of writing up one today but I’m just buzzing off of everything else too much now, I’ll save that for when I can’t think of anything else.

Without actively trying to I’ve timed out the reading of the book I’m on at the moment so that I will finish it tonight, on my last shift of this run. I love that. It’s really good, Charles Soule now has my trust and I will be picking up his other original novel soon.

I’ve also got another review copy of a book that’s not out until May. There’s an embargo on reviews so I won’t write about it in the daily posts but if I think it warrants it I might do a full review when it releases. I’m looking forward to jumping into it next week, if not sooner.

I don’t think there’s any rules against me saying it’s the new novel from Andy Weir, author of The Martian and Artemis. I’ve really enjoyed his first two so am excited to check out his new sciency, fun, exciting, space romp Project Hail Mary.

No promises on long posts over the weekend, but you never know. Hasta luego!


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