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Making Notes

I’ve been working on a post for a little while now, normally I’ll think of something and just write it and put it out straight away, or pop a title or idea in my weeks planning document and knock it out then. At most I’ll write a few days ahead.

This post that I’m working on though is quite a sensitive subject for a lot of people and I think I actually have something kind of insightful to say on it. I’ll know for sure when I actually get it finished and put it out.

I thought of it early last week, intended to do it then but knew it would be one I wanted to dedicate a bit of time to and I just didn’t have much of that then, but I kept the idea fresh. I am still planning on getting it out this week and earlier today I was feeling very motivated about it. I made notes and drafted paragraphs throughout the day as thoughts and ideas about the topic came to me and was planning on writing it up tonight.

This evening kind of got away from me though and after getting a full work out in, including yoga, for the first time since last Thursday, I really didn’t feel like getting too deep into it. Doing that would only lead to me rushing through and not giving it all the attention I want to.

The problem I think I’m going to run into with it is that some people are going to read it and feel targeted by it and get offended when in actual fact my thoughts are way more generalised and not specific, even if my own experiences have helped me get to a point of feeling like I have something to say on the matter.

I can’t let fear of offending people get in the way of writing something I believe. Doing that would be a betrayal of myself and what this whole project is about.

I just managed to write a whole post about writing another post as a way of putting off writing that post. I should be a fucking lawyer or something, that’s some top notch deflecting bullshit right there!

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