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Making Plans & Taking Rests

You know, I’ve been really good recently about either knowing exactly what I was going to write about, having it planned and often written in advance. Failing that I would use my break at work to get the post done and it was easy because I had an idea of what to do. That ended with the end of the year! Yesterday’s post was kind of short and fillery and as much as I’d like today’s to not be there’s a strong chance it will.

I’ll have to have a good think and plan ahead some more because that was a really helpful thing and I think led to some of my better content of late.

The other thing that ended at the end of 2019 was something I’ve drummed in about lots, my ‘Perfect Year’ challenge I set myself unknowingly. While that doesn’t mean I’m going to slow down or stop the amount of exercise I’m doing, it does mean that I can take the pressure off myself to make sure I absolutely must hit everything every day.

That’s going to be especially beneficial on days like tomorrow; I’m getting tattooed in the morning and then have plans all afternoon. Previously I would have been considering getting up stupidly early on my day off in order to get it all done or would have been thinking about it throughout the day so that when I do eventually get home, even if him tired or sore from being tattooed I would push myself to doing everything.

Now I can get up, still early but still with somewhat of a lie in compared to a weekday, do a much shorter work out just to wake me up and feeling active and go about my day. If I get home and feel up for jumping on the bike, cool, but if I’m not feeling it I can leave it without feeling guilty at all.

It’ll be weird, it’s been a long time since I’ve done that, but I’m tentatively looking forward to it. The trick will be to make sure I don’t start slipping and creating false excuses! That’s where the discipline factor really comes in.

There we go, that’s something of a post and I still did it before I got home. Pretty good going I’d say. Happy Friday everybody.

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