• James Hewlett

Making The Tasty

I’ve been cooking again more recently and really enjoying it. I went through a short phase of being lazy and either eating out if I was with other people or just having easy, throw it in the oven, type things. Usually healthier options, but it’s still not the same as actually putting a bit of time and effort into preparing and cooking for yourself.

I think I might try and make it a goal to try cooking one new dish each week, maybe try improving or changing something if I don’t want to do something totally new.

I’m not usually one to brag… or maybe I am, I don’t know, but my Pad Thai is pretty dope! I really enjoy cooking it too which is a bonus.

Anyway, this post is going up late and I want to get on with writing today and tomorrows. If I write about food more I’m just going to get hungry and while I’m sat at Brewdog seeing their lush pizzas go by it is just a temptation.

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