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MCU In Review - The First Avenger

A few of my friends are in the process of re-watching, or watching for the first time, all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies at the moment. Some are doing it in release order, starting with 2008’s Iron Man and some are doing it chronologically with Captain America: The First Avenger and it’s 1940’s setting as their starting point.

At first I wasn’t interested in jumping on board with doing the same, I’ve seen them all a couple of times and will revisit the ones I want to periodically regardless, but for some reason I thought, why not today and decided to do it too.

Now, I’ve watched a few of these movies relatively recently so I am going to exercise my right to skip them when I get to them if I so choose, but if I’ve not seen it in let’s say a year, then I’ll be going back to it.

I’ve decided to go chronological and am just finishing Cap’s first movie at the moment.

It’s been quite a long while since I’ve watched this one, but I’ve watched the other two and the latest two Avengers movies within the last few months. I is striking to me how well Chris Evans has evolved and grown the character of Steve Rogers.

He’s always been a highlight, but even after becoming a super soldier he is still much more timid than he is later on as the de facto leader of Earths Mightiest Hero’s. He still comes off as ‘small’ next to Tommy Lee Jones general and even Peggy Carter, both of whom have a much more controlling presence.

It takes the war and then being on ice for seventy years for him to really become the hero he was meant to be.

I’m not going to promise a write up on every movie as I watch them, but if I’ve got something to say you can be sure I’ll take the chance to have a freebie topic for the day.


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