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Meat Free Monday

It is not a new concept at all, but I’ve never adhered to it before so it is new for me. I’ve decided to start doing ‘meat free Monday’ just taking that one day out of the week and making a conscious effort to not eat meat.

I’m about as far from a vegan as you can get, I love barbecue too much to ever stick to that long term, but that doesn’t put me off looking at the vegetarian options on a menu. In recent years for a variety of reasons there have been more not just specialist vegetarian joints opening up but really good items being added to menus all over the place. Whenever I’ve had one of them or been to one of those specialist places, I’ve enjoyed it just as much as anything else I would have eaten.

There is a health element to it, there is also the social conscious aspect of it too. The stats on what it costs in fossil fuels to get meat to the table is kind of crazy so if I can negate a teeny tiny part of the by choosing to not eat a chicken, pig, cow, kangaroo, unicorn or giant squid for one day a week, then cool, I’m happy to help in my small way.

I really don’t think it’ll be hard to maintain either. I more often than not skip eating anything for lunch on a Monday anyway and if I do decide to have something I can easily grab a vegetarian option from wherever I’m grabbing a light lunch meal deal. Monday’s have been one of the days I tend to come to the bar to get some writing done too in the evening and it definitely helps that Brewdog to half off all their vegan options on a Monday.

I was going to take a picture of the hallumi pizza I had this evening, but I may have inhaled it a little bit too quick and forgotten! Whoops. This is a stock image I found online, mine looked better if I do say so though.

I was planning on writing a fair bit more this evening, but I had yesterdays and todays posts to do and I’ve just remembered I have new episodes of Watchmen and Silicon Valley to watch, so I’m going to wrap this up, head home, and watch them. I do have a a couple of ideas for posts this week though, hell Sunday’s is already written! Thats a little tease for you.

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