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Memories, Rumours & Podcast

I was planning on embedding todays podcast and leaving the post as just that as its a very silly, very funny episode and I didn’t think I had anything else to write about but then in the last five minutes I’ve suddenly discovered a few things I also want to mention, so instead of saving them for later posts you can have them here as a kind of bonus section.

Theres a few particular memories that are attached to today. Not real memories I’d have thought about on my own but the internet pinged them back up into my mind.

The first one is that eleven years ago today was day one, well actually preview night, of San Diego Comic Con the year I went. It’s amazing to think that it was so long ago. It’s also pretty amazing that pictures from that summer still make me look pretty good. I went on three trips that year and got myself into fairly good shape in the build up. Not as good as I’m in now, but way better than I was before and for a decade after. The difference now is motivation; then it was to look and feel good for the year and those holidays. Now it is to look and feel good forever.

The other memory is that six years ago today I metaphorically dropped the mic and walked out of my job at the comic book shop. It had been building for probably about a year as the relationship I had with the manager there at the time first soured and then became outright antagonistic. The prick tried to have me fired multiple times while being a lying, thieving, perving all round scumbag at the same time. He didn’t like that I called out his bullshit and so made what had once been a fun job into a misery for me so I walked.

The final thing I want to mention is something I’ve just seen and could end up being nothing but there are multiple sources saying that Donald Glover has signed on to reprise the role of Lando he played in Solo: A Star Wars Story. This is super exciting for me as both a fan of that film and of everything Donald Glover does. I was eager to see more adventures following on from that enjoyably fun movie but thought having Han and Chewie as guest stars or supporting players was the best idea. A Disney+ series focused on Lando, which is what this is reported to be, seems like the best idea as it can pick up threads and weave them in as and when without dedicating an entire movie to it. We know there is a Cassian Andor series coming so it may turn out that Rogue One and Solo are more like extended pilot episodes for these series. There is also a rumour that Billy Dee is also a part of the series so there is a chance this a multi-generational tale, maybe picking up the threads from The Last Jedi and Jannah being his lost daughter perhaps?

Whatever it is, if it is real, I’m excited!

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