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Middle of the Road

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

I’m not exactly feeling down today, I’m just feeling very blah. I hate not having a proper word for it but yeah, just straight down the middle no highs or lows.

I guess that’s not a bad thing though. It’s certainly better than feeling crap!

I had my Skype interview this morning, it went well and they offered me the job, but the hours they offered, well, it was a recruitment agency working on behalf of the company, wouldn’t be enough to sustain me despite being good pay and super local.

I have a paid induction webinar on Thursday so I’ll ask them then what the deal is and if there is a possibility for more hours. If there is then great, I’ll probably take the job but if not I’ll have to pass on it and keep looking.

I’m just going to kick back and watch Return of the Jedi for the rest of the night tonight. I’ve done well hiding from the weather all day today so far and by the sounds of it it’s only getting worse.

Hasta luego.


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