• James Hewlett

Middling Monday

It’s Monday night and I don’t know what to write... normally in a situation like this and on a Monday especially I would head to the bar, grab a booth and a beer and just start writing and more often than not something pretty good would show up on the page. I’m not doing that tonight though.

I did have a brilliant day though. It was really really nice, until it wasn’t. Even then it wasn’t exactly bad, it was just over more abruptly than I was expecting so it kind of took the wind out of my sails.

This evening has been alright though. I’ve been rocking the ‘divorced single guy starter kit’ of; tv shows, Watchmen is so fucking good. Video games, still loving Fallen Order. Oven pizza and bud light. I’m thinking of really pushing the boat out in a minute and watching a movie! Try and hold me back world, I’m feeling like a wild man!

So yeah, nothing much to talk about today. Maybe tomorrow I will have something a bit more interesting.

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