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Mini Golf and NFL

I went along to this months Mental Health Mates this afternoon, instead of a chilled out walk around the common we all went to the mini golf just outside of town. It was a really nice change of pace and the turn out was really good. It seemed like everyone had a really fun time too, I’ve become friendly with a few of the people who go regularly and I know at least one or two of them have been going through a rough spot recently so it was nice to see everyone having a laugh.

I have absolutely zero interest in golf but mini-golf, put-put, crazy golf, whatever you want to call it is so good. I love it and am always up for a game.

This is the first Sunday of the NFL season I’ve not been able to watch the Colts live, they’re on Sunday night football so I’ll have to catch that game tomorrow. Instead I’ve got the Jets @ Eagles game on and am flicking between highlights of other games. Next week I’ll be up in London and the game I’m watching will have finished already. I’m excited to go to a game again, I didn’t do any last year. It’s at the new Tottenham stadium which was designed and built in equal parts to be an NFL stadium as well as a soccer pitch and based on the pictures Jamie has sent from being there today, there’s not a bad seat in the house and it looks great!

Hoping to go for burgers later tonight, the Sunday tradition, but not sure if that's happening just yet.

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