• James Hewlett


Really struggling to think of something to write today, so instead of stress about it I’m just going to ramble with the only thing I thought of and of it ends up being short and naff, so be it.

Driving at night has been something I’ve done a lot of the entire time I’ve been driving. The day I passed my test I cancelled my roadie for the night and drove to and from my gig. I then drove probably more nights than I didn’t for the next ten years or so.

In the early years I would often put on a Barenaked Ladies album on the drive home and sing along in order to keep myself awake and alert, it worked a treat.

I haven’t been driving at night quite so frequently in the past six years since I stopped DJing but I still do fairly regularly.

As someone who drives for a living I spend a lot of time listening to stuff on the road. Most of my days are spent listening to podcasts and audiobooks, but if I’m driving at night I still always stick with music.

At the moment my favourite night driving music is The Midnight, a band I discovered a few years ago and whom have become one of my favourites since.

I listen to them all the time but there is something about their synth-wave, outrun, eighties electonica influenced sound that just feels right at night. Like how people say that Springsteen sounds better on the east coast and Petty is best on the west coast and in The Valley.

So lately I’ve been listening to their recent release, Monsters, whenever I’ve been driving alone at night.

Maybe it’s psychosomatic because it released in the summer but the album feels more summer specific than the last few albums they’ve put out too. The sound and style of the album feels like it’s got more of a nineties influence than the likes of Nocturnal and Kids, the last two albums and even though it’s called Endless Summer, the album I discovered The Midnight with will always play just as well in dark winters as that was when I was first listening to it.

There’s something special driving through a city with the neon light infused tracks playing in the background. It makes everything feel somewhat slow motion and like a scene from a movie. I love how effecting music can be.

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