• James Hewlett

More Further Reading

I’m once again not going to write much today but instead go and ask you to read and educate yourselves from better and more diverse sources.

Ed, Mitchell and I recorded the third episode of our silly podcast today and despite it not coming out for at least a month we all felt the need to briefly address the current situation in the world. I basically said what I’ve said here previously so I won’t go over it again.

I then watched the latest episode of Off Topic from Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth and listened to not only how badly members of the community I’ve been a proud member of for many years have treated members of these groups who are there to entertain, but also how poorly they have been supported by colleagues and management.

Everyone involved was honest, earnest and remorseful. No excuses were made and sweeping change is being implemented.

I am still proud of be a member of that community and Geoff Ramsey continues to be an inspiration.

Now go and read and learn and talk. Staying silent is being complicit in the problem. I am talk to you too. And you. And don’t think you’re getting off easy because you’re as much to blame as the rest of us.


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