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Nearly Finished

This is mostly just a picture post today, had another session to fill in a lot of the gaps of my Scott Pilgrim inspired half sleeve tattoo. There’s really only one more ‘space left’ to fill which will be getting done next time, there is a plan, and then that whole piece should be pretty much done.

The colour one is over on my left arm, it is another SP bit but looks good in colour and my tattooist was eager to do it, it’ll lighten up when healed.

The pictures for these aren’t the best because a lot of them are in super awkward places to photograph by myself, the one of ‘Crash & The Boys’ drummer is all the way up in my arm pit and around the back so the only way I could get a shot of it was upside down, I flipped the picture but it isn’t the best representation of it.

When it’s all finished I’ll get a nice scanning gif of the whole thing.

More plans in the works too, I’m looking forward to getting more colour work after so much focus on this recently. I really love how it’s all come together though. It is a very specific thing and very personal to me, I don’t ever expect anyone to be able to appreciate how cool it is as much as I do.

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