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New Normal

I’m meant to be going for a catch up drink and chicken wings with Teesh this evening, we haven’t since a week or two before I was sick so it has been a while.

I was a little hesitant about wether or not it was a responsible thing to do or not, but Brewdog on a Monday evening is quiet on a regular week so with everything else I expect it will be pretty dead.

There’s a fine balance about continuing to support the businesses you like while they are inevitably struggling and staying away because it feels like the right thing to do. I personally haven’t found that sweet spot yet and I’m hoping this evening will give me a better idea.

I’m actually meant to be there tomorrow evening as well as Rutter and I are finally taking advantage of a voucher my mum got me months ago and are going to have some beer tastings and cheese. I’m taking things day by day though as anything like that could get cancelled at the drop of a hat.

I am looking forward to seeing my friends though.

On the topic of businesses struggling and closing, I was working in a major shopping centre today and there was a lot of stores closed up with signs saying that as of now they’re remaining that way. These aren’t small stores either, these are major brands and I can only assume this is nationwide. All the other stores were waiting on the call from their respective head offices. Some were expecting it by the end of the day, some were expecting to be the last man standing. It’s another fine line for a lot of those sorts of retail outlets, not many want to be the first to close and look like they’re jumping the gun, but no one wants to be the last either as it doesn’t look good from a PR angle. I think this week will see more and more shops deciding to play it safe and if it gets to the point that the banks close that will be when everything else does too.

It’s so hard to predict how it is going to go though, it’s unprecedented in our time. My opinion on it is as in flux as everything else but my stance of being cautious and aware but not afraid or panicked remains firm. It’s a fluid situation and seeing what happens day to day is the best thing to do. I personally would say keep an eye on health organisations advice over governmental or any news outlets. Though with the amount of over seventies I saw out and about today it doesn’t seem like anyone is listening to anything!


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