• James Hewlett

New Year, Same Games

It’s a weird feeling at the moment, I’ve started my new job but my first week doesn’t start until Tuesday and it is just training from home for a few days. Combine that with the fact that no one ever knows what day it is these couple of weeks anyway, I’m not going anywhere or seeing anyone because of the tighter restrictions and I’m thrown for a loop.

Not in a bad way though. I’m completely okay with it, I’ve not had to think about what I’m doing or when.

Tonight, after having a day of recovery yesterday, I felt like being a bit more social again so I hit up a few people and Ed did the same and we got some online games together again. It was mostly an excuse for all of us to finish up any remaining booze we had kicking around, which after New Years Eve wasn’t very much. I’m not doing a strict dry January or anything, but I don’t feel like drinking for a bit so I wanted to finish them off and give me some fridge space back.

With more restrictions likely coming in it’s nice that the ability to socialise is growing still despite everything.


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