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NFL Game Day!

Today was the second of this years London games for the NFL this year and because a couple of our friends were in Arizona for a game, Rutter and I were able to pick up their tickets and go along.

I didn’t get to see any of the London games last year, it was the first year I hadn’t been to at least one in quite some a few years, so I was buzzing to go. This one was at the brand new Tottenham stadium too, which has been purpose built to be a combined soccer and NFL field. There is a video online that shows off the transformation, with the soccer pitch literally rolling back and up underneath one of the stands with the NFL field rising up from under. It takes about eighteen hours to complete but once it is done the entire stadium looks like it is straight out of a city in the states with an franchise of its own.

I had no stakes in the game, not even when it came to fantasy football, so I was so content to just enjoy some football. It was technically a Tampa Bay Buccaneers home game but the crowd was way more favoured for the Carolina Panthers and the action on the field was representative of that as well. It was as much fun cheering on some dodgy play as it was getting excited for one really good efforts.

I also loved going to this one with friends and not having to worry about driving for a change. I only had a few beers in the end but being able to do that as and when was lovely and added a lot to the fun of the day.

Rutter and I also had a lot of fun on the train back and were making our entire carriage laugh with some of the good natured nonsense we were coming out with.

With the added bonus of hanging out with Rae, who was just getting back into town after work at the same time as we pulled into Southampton Central, for a bit afterward, it nicely wrapped up a bloody excellent day!

There is something so much fun about going to a game live, even if you’re not rooting on either team particularly. The atmosphere is always great!

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