• James Hewlett

Night Off Fresh Feeling

I didn’t have any plans this evening, but it was one of those days that I felt like doing something in the evening. I knew at such short notice it was unlikely anyone would be around and based on the few people I reached out to that was in fact the case. It was probably a blessing in disguise though, I didn’t need to go out any do anything and a big part of me didn’t even want to, so having that option off the table for me was okay.

Instead I went and got my hair cut after work. It’s amazing how much fresher I feel after getting that done, I’ve not let my hair get too shaggy at all in the past year but I was beginning to feel like I was getting a little heavier in the face again and annoyed because I thought it might be my beard, which I’ve become quite attached to, making it look that way. Thankfully after getting my hair cut I’ve realised it was that more than anything else.

I should have caught up with blog posts but I could t muster up any enthusiasm to do so, so I started playing some more of a video game I’ve been enjoying after working out and having a bite to eat but I found myself unable to concentrate and even nodding off a little so I turned that off and didn’t even bother looking for anything to watch. After dozing on the sofa for an hour or so I decided to call it and just went to bed.

Pretty uneventful evening really, but I think it was what I needed.

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