• James Hewlett

No Social Saturday

I think today is Saturday? Honestly, I don’t really know. I’m on day four of seven, I know that much. Days of the week have felt fairly irrelevant for the better part of a year now and even more so now with this job.

If it is in fact Saturday then it makes sense why I am missing the fact I know I won’t be playing games and socialising on zoom with friends tonight. That’s been an every weekend thing since New Years (with the exception of a couple of weeks ago when I was also working) and I really have really loved it.

I don’t know if any of the regular gang are planning anything for later, but I haven’t seen any thing arranged so it seems everyone is taking a break this weekend.

I think next weekend, when I’m also at work, I’ll be missing it more but then at least I’ve got the following two off so we should be able to get something going then.

It’s strange how normal everything feels now, that arranging to see friends in real life feels completely alien.

There are times I miss it, absolutely there are, but overall… I don’t hate it. I think there’s an entire post in there, maybe I’ll write something up about that next week.

I’m glad I’m remembering to write these before going to work more often, it’s handy being able to while getting paid but the signal is awful and posting it is a real ballache.


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