• James Hewlett

Not My King

What to write about... I don’t really have anything interesting to say today, I’ve been relaxing and resting my foot. It’s really annoying me at how long this swelling is persisting. It fades through the day as I use it but comes back every morning.

It has been a nice excuse to just chill and build Lego though. So I’ve done a bunch of that today.

After seeing the trailer for Godzilla Vs Kong the other day it reminded me that I had never actually checked out Kong: Skull Island from a few years ago, despite driving through the filming of it in Hawaii.

I really enjoyed the 2014 Godzilla film and though 2019’s sequel was a bit of dumb fun so I figured I should check out the other movie that leads into the showdown film in a couple of months.

It starts basically a who’s who from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and despite not having a whole lot to work with, my hat goes off to everyone involved for giving it their all.

The film is silly, but for an afternoon watch while building lego it was the kind of dumb monsters fighting monsters movie I wanted.

I doubt I’ll ever feel the need to revisit it, but I’m glad I know a bit more about this version of Kong before seeing him go toe to toe with the one true kaiju king.

That wasn’t bad considering I didn’t have anything in mind for this evening! Hasta mañana.


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