• James Hewlett

Not Really A Rest Day

I haven’t taken an exercise rest day in over two weeks so I decided to today.

Now, a rest day for most people is probably not doing any sort of work out and just relaxing completely. Other than when I was sick with covid just over a year ago I haven’t taken a day off with no exercise in over two years though, so a rest day for me mean just doing cardio on the exercise bike.

I put in forty five sweaty minutes there and felt good about it. I normally do my cardio after whatever else I’m doing that day, be it weights or core work, etc.

I got to the end of that ride and I have to say I was very tempted to pick up my dumbbells and just do a for short sets, but I decided not to. I wanted to hit the supermarket, have some lunch and still have time to chill before coming to work.

I’ve got a few bits of exercise gear on my Amazon wish list at the moment. I love what I do already but having a little bit more variety would be nice too.

Who’d have ever guessed, even when I started this thing, that I’d be so interested in fitness!? Certainly not me.

I have a few good ideas for posts I would consider to have more depth to them that I want to get written, it should end up being one or two of them a week leading up to my birthday. Who knows, you might even get one tomorrow!


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