• James Hewlett

Nothing To Say Today

I can’t think of anything today. I’m enjoying my new book a lot, and I’m enjoying falling asleep reading and then finishing off whatever chapter I fell asleep in the next morning.

I went with Altered Carbon first, some sci-fi, cyperpunk, neo-noir detective story is exactly what I’m feeling.

So yeah, I can’t think of anything else to write about so go educate yourselves on the systemic racism in this country, because it’s not just America that has this problem. It’s awful in the UK too.

Like today, when a bunch of cunts who look like the just got kicked out of weatherspoons for fighting after a football match decided to start violently attacking police to, ‘guard’ the statue of another racist fuck who is glorified for the good he did. That doesn’t sweep the shit under the rug though, Churchill was an asshole!

I could go on longer about how I genuinely believe football culture is one of the single biggest problems this country has and creates generation after generation of the worst toilet scum of the British population, but that would detract from the bigger issues. So go and read about them instead.


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