• James Hewlett

Onwards And, If Not Upwards Then, Sideways

I’ve mentioned vaguely how I’ve been unhappy with my current work situation recently and have been looking to move on to whatever the next thing is.

I’ve not been particularly picky with the sorts of things I’ve been looking at because in turbulent times like this, beggars can’t be choosers.

It’s taken longer than it would in non-pandemic times but I think I’ve got something lined up that should suit me nicely.

A few things have come along only to either deteriorate before they get going or have never really gone anywhere, more false starts than anything, but I’m feeling good and way more confident that this one will materialise into something and be the right thing for me.

I’m not going to go into any details... probably ever as I don’t really write about specifics of my work life on here and until I’ve actually started I’m not closing any doors by speaking preemptively.

It takes a bit of preserving through uncertainty and anxiety inducing times, but I always seem to land on my feet. Having just enough faith in myself that that is the case is what keeps me going sometimes and to be honest, it’s all I need because once I get there stuff generally goes okay for a while at least and when the next hole appears I know I’ll climb out of that one too.

Today’s picture looks a bit like a mugshot as I believe it will be used for my new work ID.

Oh and the quote is just from a daily puzzle page game I play, it felt quite fitting for today’s post.


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