• James Hewlett


I finally got round to watching Parasite tonight. I tried a couple of weeks ago but the copy I had of it didn’t have subtitles embedded. Thankfully it’s available on Prime Video at the moment so I was able to watch it there.

My expectations for the film were high after hearing universally great things. I think the weakest reception I’d heard from anyone was that it was good but not really their thing so they didn’t quite get the fuss.

Often when something is so widely buzzed about I find myself thinking along the lines of, ‘I get why everyone loves this and I can appreciate the craft but it was probably a little over hyped.’

I’m happy to say that wasn’t the case here. I thoroughly enjoyed this darkly comedic, whip smart, socially savvy and beautifully made movie from start to finish.

Despite knowing the basic premise I’ve been able to avoid most plot details for over a year so I found myself guessing as to and surprised by the events of the film. If you’ve yet to see it I encourage you to go in as blind as possible and enjoy it that way.

In a time when movie theatres are likely dead and only going to be there for the biggest of big blockbusters, and the ability to watch almost everything at home on the day of release looming ever closer, having to really focus on a movie and nothing else is harder and harder. I really appreciated watching a subtitled movie this evening as it kept me from idly playing with my phone or doing anything else. I was 100% invested in what was happening on the screen. I hate that that has become rarer for me. I might start making more of an effort again to sit and watch a movie under cinema conditions at home on a more regular basis.


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