• James Hewlett

Payday 2

I’ve got nothing today, absolutely butkus. It’s funny isn’t it how by letting myself slip into playing catch up most of this week has led to me not feeling motivated to write much and not being able to think of anything to write about.

I’m sure the two go hand in hand and I want to get back to much more productive ways next week. I’ve already got Monday and Tuesdays post planned. So that’s a good start.

Most interesting thing I can write about today is playing Payday 2 with the guys again this evening. I played around in it with Ed a bit more before Mitchell joined us and got a much better feel for the game.

The fact that this is a fairly old game at this point is a testament to how fun it is! I’ve always thought it looked enjoyable but only if you’re playing with some friends. I stand by that.

The game itself is just a series of heists and robberies, you play as a criminal gang and hit various targets in different ways. Sometimes you can waltz on into a jewellery store looking normal and casing the place out before pulling your mask on and working crowd control while someone else takes the staff and security and another member works on the vault. Other jobs may have you already masked up and ready for combat; robbing an armoured train full of military weapons for instance.

More often than not a gunfight will ensue at which point the tension levels rise and you’re trying to defend yourselves while getting the loot out and waiting for the pick up and then loading as much as you can in the back before making your escape.

It’s not most most graphically impressive game but there is a lot going on and has a lot of other attributes. The mechanics are all very thematic, the character customisation skill trees are very versatile and tweakable at anytime and the score is fan bloody tastic!

Borrowing elements from every good bank robbery movie ever it moves from quietly building tension to kicking in then dying out at all the appropriate moments. I felt like I was watching Point Break, Heat or The Town at various points of playing.

It’s been fun being able to play more games online with my friends; it sucks that it’s taken a global pandemic for us all to be available regularly and at the same time, but I’ll take a win where I can find one.


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