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I’ve never been much of a Star Trek fan, it just wasn’t a thing that was on in my house growing up so it was kind of skipped over for us.

From years of being in the culture I picked up enough basic knowledge of the franchise to roughly know what was going on though and I’ve seen a few of the older movies as well as the rebooted/alternate timeline ones J.J. spearheaded.

I’ve dropped off of it now but I was enjoying Star Trek Discovery for a while, which was nice as it didn’t require any previous knowledge or lore to be an enjoyable show, but the idea of Patrick Steward reprising the role that made him famous in a new show, simply titled Picard, intrigued me.

I’ve just finished the first episode and throughly enjoyed it! I’m sure there is a ton of stuff that long term fans will have picked up on that went straight over my head but even with my rudimentary knowledge I was able to follow the story and be sucked in by the mystery.

Patrick Stewart is just so enjoyable to watch on screen and clearly has such a grasp on and love for this character that he is relishing getting to play him again. The show itself is a continuation of The Next Generation and subsequent movies but it stands on its own as an individual series as well.

It’s beautifully shot and mostly takes place in a far more rural setting than any Star Trek I’ve ever seen which is a nice change of pace for a science fiction property and helps make the scenes in space, on starships and in more urban and futuristic settings seem all the more fantastical.

I’m glad this show is being released weekly otherwise I may watch a few and then drop off but at the moment I’m eager to see where the story leads.

It’s on amazon prime here in the UK and CBS All Access in the states, I recommend people check it out!

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