• James Hewlett

Planning Extra Life

I mentioned yesterday how I felt really confident about the chances of getting together the gang to properly do an Extra Life charity twenty four hour livestream later in the year. I figured I’d talk a little more about it.

If you want to know more about the charity or events that inspire me to do it search for the last couple of years, it’s usually October/November time.

The charity itself is for children’s hospitals, with everything going on in the world I’m not sure if we would go completely with that, or something else, or just split anything we raise among a few specific charities, but doing something fun for a good cause feels right up all four of us’s alley.

What I would like to do is run from seven am to seven am and do specific blocks of time doing different games or other fun activities. It would be mostly a mixture of board games, card games and various video games but I’m sure there would be many interstitial where we are talking or presenting in more of a podcast type situation.

Starting early would mean that we could stagger people joining and let others from our small group take breaks as the day/night goes on. That seems like the key to success with something like this.

My living room is by no means massive, but there’s enough space for four of us to be comfortable even with my table extended out for any tabletop games to be set up.

On the tech side of things, between us we have enough knowledge of broadcasting, hosting, streaming, audio and video equipment and any connectivity issues that may arise.

I’d love to have a few cameras set up, one for tabletop games, one of us on or around the sofa for video games and one with a wide shot of the whole room. We could could probably get away with just two if necessary though.

The same goes for mics and we definitely have those covered.

With Mitchell still being at uni studying broadcast journalism it shouldn’t be hard for him to check out any extra equipment we might need.

We all have laptops that could handle the various tasks needed; live stream, switching between angles on the fly, capturing and recording game footage, etc.

I’m kind of just spitballing ideas at this point, but it’s good. The more I talk about it the more I’ll start holding myself accountable to actually getting it organised this year. I’ve wanted to do it for the past two at very least and this year feels like it’s a genuine possibility.

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