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Presumptuous Post

Full disclaimer, I’m writing this post at 11:30am while waiting for the time window to do my last job of the day/week.

I’ve had so little work this week, we all have to be fair, but I’m going on the assumption that I am going to be in the half of guys at my place who are on furlough from Monday.

It’s a strange feeling, one I’m sure a lot of people have already had or have been having for a few weeks now, knowing I’m not going to be at work for at least a month, almost certainly two, possibly three and maybe even longer than that!

I’m in a position where I don’t have to be necessarily worried about anything, unlike many people, but I will obviously be living more frugal. I don’t think it’ll be too hard for me though, it’s not like I’m going to be going anywhere or doing any fun stuff!

Hell, I don’t even have to think about spending money for my trip to Texas in July now either. RTX has officially been postponed likely until labour day weekend in September, though the date hasn’t been set in stone yet.

I’m glad to be honest. Sure it might be a bit of a hassle shifting my time off work but that I think will be the only real obstacle. The hotel will be easy, flights I can’t imagine being too much of a pain given the circumstances and the event tickets are automatically transferred (or refunded for those who can’t make it.)

A few weeks ago when I started having a feeling this was going to happen my feeling on it was different; Ed and I were in agreement that even if the event was cancelled we’d say fuck it and go have an awesome trip to Austin anyway. So much has changed in the last two or three weeks though that those feelings feel like a lifetime ago. I wouldn’t feel at all good about doing that in July at this point, even if the city of Austin opened back up from its current locked down status tomorrow.

Hopefully by September there will some level of normalcy again, or at least a new normal that allows for conventions and amazing fun things to resume without threat, fear and constant trepidation from those in attendance.

Rooster Teeth is a company I have the upmost respect for and I think if they has pushed on and stuck to holding the event over July fourth weekend I would have thought less of them for doing so. The right move has definitely been made.

Wow, I started this post without any idea of what to write about and was just going to talk about how I’m off work for a long while in a couple of hours. I was going to cap it off by saying wouldn’t it be funny if I then didn’t go on furlough and this whole post was completely redundant, but now because of that middle chunk there is at least some extra value to it.

I’m braving the supermarket after work, going to stock up on stuff enough for a week or so so that I don’t have to go back for a while. Time to hunker down!

But that doesn’t mean the ol’ blog train will be stopping, I’ll be here tomorrow as usual.

Edit: Yeah, I'm off work until the end of May at least.


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