• James Hewlett

Productive Morning/Lazy Afternoon

I had such a productive morning today; I got up, worked out, uploaded the podcast, took the bins out, had a shower, mowed the lawn, did some washing up did laundry and watered my plants all before eleven thirty!

It felt great but also strange having done everything and still having two hours to wait until I could have some lunch.

I killed the time by reading the rest of the chapter of my book that I fell asleep reading last night.

This afternoon has been nice and chill. It was so warm that I didn’t feel like doing much of anything so I kind of just vegged out.

The boys and I played some Payday 2 for a bit and I have just a small amount of The Last Of Us 2 to watch, but I’m thinking that when I’ve finished with this I may go sit outside and light up the fire pit. It’s very pleasant out still and will be light for at least another hour.

I have a feeling it might be flying ant day tomorrow though by the sheer amount of activity that’s been going on on my patio... so I went a little chemical warfare on them.

That should do the trick!

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