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Progress Wrestling

I was up at Ally Pally again today for a Progress Wrestling show with Pete. It’s actually the last live wrestling show we’ve got booked so is possibly our last one of the year. It was a pretty great show to go out on though if that ends up being the case.

Progress are the biggest of the UK independent wrestling promotions and use a lot of the same guys we’re used to seeing at RevPro shows. They also had a working relationship with, and were recently purchased by WWE and therefore are able to use a lot of the NXT roster, mostly the UK and European talent, but occasionally some of the American guys too.

The big push of this show was the title match following up on the tournament win we was at the start of the summer.

As I always say whenever I go to a wrestling show, I’m not going to bore you with details because if you care you’ve probably read about it on reddit or something already and if you don’t, well me writing about it isn’t going to change that!

It was a really fun day, Progress shows tend to skew a bit older in the crowd and the company has always stylised itself with a bit more of a punk rock attitude. That may go away with the sale to WWE and the crowd seem to be aware of that. There was a definite sense of ‘end of an era’ there yesterday and if anything it made me gutted I didn’t go to more of the shows in the past.

That said, it was really fun getting to see some of the NXT guys again. There wasn’t anyone there we hadn’t seen before, but a few that we haven’t seen since they’ve been signed to big contracts. That normally means the chance of seeing them at smaller shows is slim to none, so it’s always a treat.

Thats enough of this one. I’m writing this a day late and want to crack on with todays post. Look for that later on. It won’t be about wrestling.

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