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Punk A.F.

I’ve had a pretty lush day today. I was hanging out with a friend and utilising her creative/anarchic instincts to help me finish off my outfit for tomorrow.

I’m off to another Secret Cinema event tomorrow afternoon. The last one I did was in 2016 for The Empire Strikes Back and the character I was assigned and had to dress as was a pilot in the Rebel Alliance.

This event is for Stranger Things so the outfit choice is a lot easier to do as it is all from out world. The theming of the event is Hawkins High school reunion and the style type I went with of the options given is ‘punk.’

I picked up all the bits and bobs I needed over the last few weeks and today put the final touches to it by getting Rae to draw all over the jeans and the back of the jacket.

I’m a little bit amazed and shocked at how well I think I can pull it off.

I’m mostly really looking forward to the event tomorrow. I’m really glad Ed is going to be there, we can always have fun no matter what. I do have some apprehensions, but hopefully they’ll be for nothing and it’ll be a great day.

Come back tomorrow to find out I guess!

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