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Raging The Streets

So another change of plans because a couple of people couldn’t do D&D this evening we ended up not bothering. Mitchell, Ed and I played some Payday 2 online together instead. It’s going to take some getting used to but it should be a fun game for us to play together, heisting like ‘pros.’

The video game I’m more excited about right now is Streets of Rage 4! The sequel twenty five years or so in the making... though in reality probably more like dormant and nearly forgotten for twenty years and then bought back to life because everything old is new again and we live in a culture of nostalgia.

Snark aside though, o bloody love this! They haven’t tried to change the formula at all, this game feels identical to its predecessors; a side scrolling, button mashing, combo getting beat’m up. I played the crap out of Streets of Rage 2 on the Megadrive (Genesis) back in the day, I dabbled with the original as my brothers friend had it but two was the shit. I didn’t ever touch the third game as I think it game out late in the consoles life cycle and we were too poor for new games.

This new one though is gorgeous! Hand drawn backgrounds and character models, animations that feel exactly like you remember the old games but given enough modern polish to look great by today’s standards. The music is amazing and synthy just like the original and best of all, the game is fucking hard! You’re thrown right in and it immediately has that arcade cabinet feel to it, three lives and then game over! Get good or go home. I have thoroughly enjoyed the brief time I spent playing it this evening and can’t wait to put more time into it.

It’s easy for a game like this to prey on nostalgia and then not have any real depth but this is working perfectly for me and judging my friend group of people my age and their excitement about it, I’m not the only one!

I loved seeing my friend James introducing his two boys to it; they must be about the same age I was when I first played Streets of Rage 2 in the early nineties.

Take it easy everyone. It’s er, Friday tomorrow I think? I don’t know. I’ve been convinced it was Sunday most of today.


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